Keys To Buying Used Tillage Equipment For Agriculture


If you have a farm and are planning for crops, then you'll probably be buying tillage equipment. You can effectively reduce costs on these parts by buying used, especially if you use the tips below to find the best used equipment for your needs.

Look for Equipment in Great Condition

Since used tillage parts have seen some action out in the fields, you want to carefully review their quality. That will help you maximize these parts, maybe even helping them last as long as newer components. 

Pay particular attention to the frames that the tillage parts have. Are they structurally sound and will they help you complete tillage operations effectively?

Most tillage parts come with wheels so that you can pull them with tractors, so pay attention to wheel quality as well. These assessments will pay off in helping you get lasting parts. 

Take a Closer Look At Dimensions

One of the most important attributes of tillage equipment is sizing. You want these tractor attachments to be the right size so that you're able to complete tillage activities efficiently with every pass.

If you're buying online, there should be dimension details for whatever tillage equipment you're buying. If you're buying from a supplier in person, you may need to talk to the supplier directly so that they can break down the sizing specs in greater detail.

Ultimately, make sure the sizing is right for how you plan on working your crop fields and also figure out what size is optimal for your particular tractor. 

Make Sure You Get a Compatible Hitch

In order to get any tillage equipment on the back of your tractor, you need a compatible hitch. Otherwise, you're going to struggle to get the equipment set up properly and working in your fields.

Spend time reviewing your particular tractor and the hitch types it is compatible with. Then, when you go looking for tillage equipment, you can make sure your equipment will fit on the back without any issues and you can start using them promptly.

If you have crops and subsequently crop fields, tillage equipment will play an instrumental role in your farming operations. Buying used is an easy way to save a lot of money. You just need to exercise a little more patience and caution so that you can find parts and equipment that will work well for you. For more information, reach out to a local seller.


7 January 2021

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