Eric Alvarez

Keys To Buying Used Tillage Equipment For Agriculture


If you have a farm and are planning for crops, then you'll probably be buying tillage equipment. You can effectively reduce costs on these parts by buying used, especially if you use the tips below to find the best used equipment for your needs. Look for Equipment in Great Condition Since used tillage parts have seen some action out in the fields, you want to carefully review their quality. That will help you maximize these parts, maybe even helping them last as long as newer components.

7 January 2021

Paving to Prevent Water Loss


Water conservation on your property can be a top priority, particularly in areas with a low water table or that are prone to drought. Improper paving can be a major cause of water loss on properties both large and small. The following guide can help you make paving decisions that will counteract water loss. How Paving Affects Water Loss Traditional paving, such as solid asphalt and concrete, prevents rainwater, snowmelt, and dew from soaking into the soil where it can recharge the water table below your property.

13 May 2020